UNOVIS 5. BRASILIA- A Life Desired LP.

BRASILIA- A Life Desired LP. 600 copies. Letterpressed/taped cover and insert- 50 red text w/ light blue image (available only from the band), 250 black text w/ blue image, 300 red text and image. Released on Obscurist Press. In Print- contact Obscurist Press. Recorded on 16 track 1″ tape by Jeremy Scott and Brasilia at the Civil Defense and the Woodser, Brooklyn NY. Mixed by Andrew Prinz and Brasilia at the Civil Defense. Package design/printing by Roy Styles at the Unovis Workshop. Jennifer Sunderland- organ/vocals, Roy Styles- bass/synths/effects, Jeremy Scott- synths/effects, Jason Holmes- drums/synths/effects.

Download link (320 kbps):

*The vinyl version contains an extra song and a slightly different mix than this download version. Please do us all a favor and go to Obscurist Press and order a vinyl copy for yourself.

**I will get better images of the LP up soon- just need a sunny day and the time to do it…

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